Silence the Masses

so today i got an email from a good friend of mine telling me that police would be prosecuting people who give false information about the recent shooting. when i first read this i said BS there’s no way, everyone has been giving false information, including MSM. but also i started thinking wait that goes against the first amendment (freedom of press). now i know there’s a lot of theories going around about certain things about this shooting, so i did some research to try to get this settled and clarified. i sent an email to Connecticut sen. Joe Lieberman and was just given a link to the interview of Lt. Paul Vance, which if you’ve seen it is very vague and gives no information about who he’s talking about or what it is they are saying. NO HELP!!! then i tried calling the office of public safety in CT and was told that all the information is on their website…..ok. so i had to go a little deeper to a good person who was able to finally help me clarify what LT Vance was talking about. This person, who asked to stay nameless, said that they are talking about people going around “playing mis-information” on the web (e.g. posing as lanza and making treats of another shooting or attack).they went on to say that “sourced information” may be challenged by prosecutors, MSM im assuming. so to all my “whistle blowers” and conspiracy theorists, make sure you do your research before saying anything, just to stay on the safe side for now i wouldnt want anyone to be talked to by feds for information that could be labeled as “misinformation” and could lead to further police action. But yes always ask questions, its your right and you are protected by the first amendment.

we all have questions and different ideas about what happened friday, but we have to be responsible writers and journalists and make sure we are giving our readers the best and most accurate information possible.

i will be writing another post later on some new information i have found about fridays tragic shooting and of course, mind bending theories from all around the world.

Thank you guys for reading and as always, ask questions

more info on prosecutions-


Slowly putting the pieces together

i went on today and saw a story called  “Obama comments on ailing Chavez anger Venezuelans”. as i was reading this story, i was reminded of a certain interview with a mr Aaron Russo in which he stated how he met and became friends with a Rockefeller, Im not sure of his first name, but Russo goes on to say how Rockefeller told him that 9/11 was a planned, and how we would go invade the middle east and establish a base there for oil and also “make a move” on Hugo Chavez. call me insane but i see that last one unfolding slowly with the story i read from msn. and is it also a coincidence that we moved missiles and soldiers to turkey ?? who knows but i do find it weird the “stage is being set” for something big, with militay mobilization on an increase here in the states, the talks of fema camps, and all the shootings going on, what really is going on?? dont stay silent anymore everyones voice needs to be heard ask questions and keep an open mind. ill be links to the Russo interview and the story from msn.



msn story-

The plot thickens 2

Just another link to a site that’s starting to put things together, it also has a video so enjoy.
If this doesn’t get you thinking nothing will, don’t overlook something that is clearly being hidden from you. How do they brain wash these kids? How do they get away with it? This story is huge maybe one of the biggest stories since the JFK assassination. If you guys find anything else feel free to share.

Something strange

One thing I just remembered about this shooting today, I was reading the story on around 10 or so I remember seeing something about a guy that was dressed like a nun that was the shooter… I clearly see that there was more than one shooter. According to the story msn had on the website many witnesses saw a second gun man. Now the story has changed and said that Adam Lanza acted alone, but also earlier they said it was his brother Ryan Lanza that was the shooter .either msn doesn’t know how to get information or there’s something going on. Apparently they were not the only news outlet that told that story, fox, CNN, and hln have all had the same stories but they have slowly changed. Maybe I’m over thinking it but it sounds very similar to the James Holmes shooting, in that witnesses say that there was a second Gunman but the media changes the story….

Shootings and Mk ultra

There’s more to all of these shootings, way more I find it hard to believe that people are randomly deciding to go out on killing sprees to murder people they don’t know. It’s about a message that someone is wanting to send out to everyone as a whole. Keep and open mind. Don’t listen to what the media is saying they’re working for the ones in control. My prayers go out to the victims and their families.