“mermaids:the body found”

So did anyone watch the show on animal planet called mermaids the body found?
For a documentary it was very, theatrical almost to the point where it didn’t seem like anything was real, and like it was more a movie than anything. The different videos they had of these mermaids seemed stage and not like a normal video would be.
But could they be real? The evidence they gave on the show seemed creditable. But I found myself asking more questions. The actual sounds of supposed mermaids was pretty cool you can clearly tell the difference between the whales, the dolphins, and the third sound, the mermaids.
Could these mermaids lead us to the lost city of Atlantis? Or maybe even other sunken cities in the ocean? Could there also be a connection to extraterrestrials if in fact these mermaids have been around for as long as the show said?
Well there you go a quick review on this new show that was part of monster week. Please comment if you have any thoughts or would like to add anything. And remember like always ask question!!!


The start

So my first blog, To be honest I feel I’m going to piss alot of people off with this but oh well!
Here lately I’ve been wanting to somehow reach out to alot of the people out there who believe or “subscribe” to the conspiracy theories known through out time.
I’ll start with a theory I came up with not too long ago and it’s about the 13 bloodlines and how I can connect them to around the time back when Jesus was around. I find it kind of weird that there’s 12 apostles and with Jesus makes 13 different men of different origins. Maybe those bloodlines somehow can be traced back that far? And also isn’t there supposed to be 13 crystal skulls said to be hidden throughout the planet?? Hmmm sounds like quite the coincidence to me. maybe there’s more to all these legends. But then I ask well why would it be such a huge secret and why would people not want to embrace that if in fact it was true?? I mean if you read any writings about the 13 bloodlines they say that they basically control law making in the world and control any trade and most of those families are invested in some big companies. Maybe the apostles are actually aliens that were sent here to help Jesus in what
his mission was. And the whole thing with Mary magdoline? Maybe she carried jesus’ child and the alien apostles helped her flee so no one knew she had the baby idk just throwing things out.
People there is somethig going on what it is idk but this is why I started this. I know with alot of people if you read you’re going like “what the he’ll is he talking about?” and blah blah and maybe I’ve pissed you off I’m doing what others are doing to, asking questions because I want to know just as badly as you do. Please leave me comments and I’ll be glad to respond I’ll also be postage links to more information on topics I cover. Also people if you have stories, your own theories, or photos of UFOs please email me I’ll be glad to write a blog about and post your photos.


This blog is all about theories of mine that I put together using facts about certain points. Mind you these are theories and are not my actual beliefs. Feel free to comment as you wish you are entitled to have your own input, so enjoy!!