Our Mission

   Blood Moons! What are they? Why is there so much hype about them? Religious? Scientific? Has anyone else noticed how there’s been more “science vs. religion” topics the past month? 

   Whatever you believe, you cannot deny that this is a huge topic. Most of us have grown up in a family that believes in God and have a strong belief in creation, but at what point do some of us start questioning that belief and why? In my personal opinion i believe once we hit a certain age, we start wanting answers for the things we don’t understand. So we venture out and away from what we grew up with for something physical that we can touch and see. Some of us stay with our belief and we search the bible for answers. But no matter what, both bring the same thing, more questions.

   So we’re stuck, not knowing what to believe and feeling frustrated. Our questions we were hoping to get answers for lead to another question, only to find a dead end. How does one not go mad over this type of thing? Well, FAITH. Faith that one day we will find that answer and faith that one day we will understand what we don’t.

   Unknowingly both sides are helping each other by looking in two different areas, the physical world and the spiritual world. We’re all in this together for the betterment of our species. Once we’ve understood that we can do anything in this universe. Yeah we have our kinks to work out but like i said its faith that drives us.  


Slowly putting the pieces together

i went on http://www.msn.com today and saw a story called  “Obama comments on ailing Chavez anger Venezuelans”. as i was reading this story, i was reminded of a certain interview with a mr Aaron Russo in which he stated how he met and became friends with a Rockefeller, Im not sure of his first name, but Russo goes on to say how Rockefeller told him that 9/11 was a planned, and how we would go invade the middle east and establish a base there for oil and also “make a move” on Hugo Chavez. call me insane but i see that last one unfolding slowly with the story i read from msn. and is it also a coincidence that we moved missiles and soldiers to turkey ?? who knows but i do find it weird the “stage is being set” for something big, with militay mobilization on an increase here in the states, the talks of fema camps, and all the shootings going on, what really is going on?? dont stay silent anymore everyones voice needs to be heard ask questions and keep an open mind. ill be links to the Russo interview and the story from msn.



msn story-http://news.msn.com/world/obama-comments-on-ailing-chavez-anger-venezuelans

Shootings and Mk ultra

There’s more to all of these shootings, way more I find it hard to believe that people are randomly deciding to go out on killing sprees to murder people they don’t know. It’s about a message that someone is wanting to send out to everyone as a whole. Keep and open mind. Don’t listen to what the media is saying they’re working for the ones in control. My prayers go out to the victims and their families.

SETI Says Aliens Headed to Earth!!!

  Hello WordPress, i have a lot to talk about in this blog today so i want to get started. The past couple of days i’ve been watching a lot of ufo videos and reading articles about aliens and ufos, and i came across an article that said “Aliens said to arrive 12.21.2012”.

   Now, I like reading about ancient alien theories and what everyone says about the Annunaki, but they are always just that, theories. When i read this article the first thing that popped out at me was SETI. I found myself completely drawn to this article. As i read i started thinking about all the ancient alien theories i’ve read and it all started to get put in place, like a well designed puzzle.

    Ufo sightings are on an all time high as of the beginning of this year, that’s a big coincidence to me that its 2012, a year of importance in so many ways, and all this with ufos is happening. Maybe all the ancient people were right, maybe the gods are coming back. The Mayans figured out a calender that is insanely accurate. Is that just a count down to when the gods are returning?

   When an acclaimed scientific organizations comes out and says that aliens are coming you almost have to believe it. I mean come on, It’s SETI. they’ve been doing this for decades now and it doesn’t surprise me that they may have found something out there, headed towards us. they even went as far to say that i t was at Jupiter and we would be able to see them by November threw a telescope.

  I don’t know if you guys have read about the blacked out area on Google Earth, but maybe that is what is in that blacked out area. In the article i read it gave links to a web site called SKY-MAP with coordinates to the supposed craft headed this way. But when i went to this web site those images could not be found. Why would you get rid of a certain image in space?

   I decided to go a little bit deeper into this whole alien thing and i found a story about spacecraft actually landing in China. Uh…what? Apparently, over 200 people witnessed the main sighting of a ship falling out of the sky and landing in the water. A second craft was seen hovering over a small town and admitted a bursting sound. I don’t recall reading anything about where the third craft went.

   People are saying that all these sightings this year are the aliens setting the stage for the “mother ship” to land and that we should expect to see the ships over predetermined cities at the beginning of December. Should we be afraid? I personally don’t think we have anything to fear. If the ancient people say they were already here and they helped humans and even created humans, why would they want to harm us? Other people say they want to in slave us. What i say to those people is, if these aliens are the Annunaki, we were already their slaves. They created us to mine gold for them then left and said they would one day return. But you also have to think the Sumarians were before the Mayans and the Egyptians so why do those other civilizations say their gods will return? Did they also witness the Annunaki or a different Alien race? Maybe all the alien races are coming back so help us remember who we come from and why we are here. I’ve also thought about the whole Nibiru theory. Is Nibiru actually a massive alien ship that might come towards us? 

    Most religions around the world say that there will be an apocalyptic event that happens at the end of time. What if the “Apocalypse” they speak of is these races of aliens that will par take in a massive war for us?

   I’m going to put links up about everything Ive talked about. I want everyone that reads this to really think about this even if you hands down just don’t believe it, think about it. Like always any comments are great and e-mail me if you’d like to have a discussion about this topic or any others. Expect more on this topic.


Article on spaceships coming to Earth-  http://www.examiner.com/article/3-very-large-objects-space-flying-to-earth

Video of ufo in China-  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sgR3IjQNn-w&feature=endscreen

ufo lands in China-  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VwqHhNmJI4I

Nibiru and the Annunaki- http://www.cyberspaceorbit.com/dm_report.html

Google blacks out area of sky w/pictures- http://productforums.google.com/forum/#!topic/earth/JF53orx58Z4

Picture of spacecraft heading to Earth-  http://paranormal.hu/images/newspost_images/2011/januar/big_spaceships.jpg




Alright so people, here lately there’s been alot of news about these people killing, and trying to eat their victims. i just want to say first of if you buy into this whole zombie thing you are sadly mistaken, a zombie has to be dead first to be considered a zombie.

Now this is what really gets to me you have the media coming out and saying the man was high on some new designer drug called bath salts. i’ve heard of this drug before, but my understanding on the drug was that it was more of a cocaine high than a psychedelic trip. its also possible this man did something else, but i have no knowledge of any drug having those kinds of effects i.e. taking off your clothes, growling, “super human”  strength. and i also saw a post on facebook yesterday that said it was some new virus called , if im not mistaken, “LQP-79”. when i read up about this i got the impression it was a made up virus. To me all the symptoms of LQP-79 sound like the T-Virus from resident evil, hmm. Seems like someone wanted to make a real virus that did the same thing as the t-virus.

 There are also other reports of people attacking other people and trying to eat them ill post links at the end so you can read up on them. These other stories are in fact very weird but not as intense as the Miami incident. there’s one where the pron star guy killed that Chinese man, cut him up and mailed his parts to different places. I heard somewhere on CNN i believe that he had also tried to eat some of his victim. My conclusion on this one is this guy is just a psycho and totally lost. Even looking at his photos you can say ” this man isnt all there”.

   I’ve also heard of 3 more cases where people have killed and eaten parts of their victims, but these are different in the fact that these people seemed to be completely coherient to what they were doing. i believe two of the men actually admitted to eating parts of people. The other one was of a woman who kidnapped a child and tried to eat the childs arm. Ok people what are these people thinking? whats going on here?

  I’m thinking people are starting to lose it because as we all know the Mayan Long count is starting to come to an end. could the book of Revelations be true? is hell starting to come onto earth? i was thinking maybe theres going to be alot more things happening that are horrible and just plain sick. these events are happening for a reason i’ve also gone as far as saying “the dumb are killing the dumb”. i also will go on record saying we need to look at these events and say do we want to keep living in a world that is made up of psychopathic killers? do we want our children and our childrens children to live in a world like this? we can change all of this.

  of maybe im just thinking to hard about it? You never know but something is telling me that there’s more to this than what we are seeing and hearing. i honestly cant trust the media now a days for all i know they might just be covering up a government program that has been in the works for years. (side note: i remember having a dream once where zombies were everywhere and we were trying to leave some town, the group i was with accidentally discovered a government building near a marshy lake, and we found something i dont know what we found but the government was then after us and we ran to the lake and a huge silver disk started lifting out of the water. ) wouldnt that be something.

  alright guys like always comment if you have anything to say. e-mail me any other stories you may run across. And dont forget ask question!!!!


“Maryland Cannibal”- http://www.myfoxdfw.com/story/18673043/killer-cannibal-admits-eating-maryland-house-guests-heart-and-brain

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“Porn star cannibal”- http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2153231/Canadian-Cannibal-LONDON-Fugitive-killer-visited-UK-just-months-ago–posed-outside-Buckingham-Palace.html

“CAge fighter cannibal”- http://jonathanturley.org/2010/06/01/u-s-cage-fighter-arrested-after-ripping-out-beating-heart-of-trainer/

“Project MKULTRA”- http://www.mindspring.com/~txporter/sec3.htm

The start

So my first blog, To be honest I feel I’m going to piss alot of people off with this but oh well!
Here lately I’ve been wanting to somehow reach out to alot of the people out there who believe or “subscribe” to the conspiracy theories known through out time.
I’ll start with a theory I came up with not too long ago and it’s about the 13 bloodlines and how I can connect them to around the time back when Jesus was around. I find it kind of weird that there’s 12 apostles and with Jesus makes 13 different men of different origins. Maybe those bloodlines somehow can be traced back that far? And also isn’t there supposed to be 13 crystal skulls said to be hidden throughout the planet?? Hmmm sounds like quite the coincidence to me. maybe there’s more to all these legends. But then I ask well why would it be such a huge secret and why would people not want to embrace that if in fact it was true?? I mean if you read any writings about the 13 bloodlines they say that they basically control law making in the world and control any trade and most of those families are invested in some big companies. Maybe the apostles are actually aliens that were sent here to help Jesus in what
his mission was. And the whole thing with Mary magdoline? Maybe she carried jesus’ child and the alien apostles helped her flee so no one knew she had the baby idk just throwing things out.
People there is somethig going on what it is idk but this is why I started this. I know with alot of people if you read you’re going like “what the he’ll is he talking about?” and blah blah and maybe I’ve pissed you off I’m doing what others are doing to, asking questions because I want to know just as badly as you do. Please leave me comments and I’ll be glad to respond I’ll also be postage links to more information on topics I cover. Also people if you have stories, your own theories, or photos of UFOs please email me I’ll be glad to write a blog about and post your photos.


This blog is all about theories of mine that I put together using facts about certain points. Mind you these are theories and are not my actual beliefs. Feel free to comment as you wish you are entitled to have your own input, so enjoy!!