Silence the Masses

so today i got an email from a good friend of mine telling me that police would be prosecuting people who give false information about the recent shooting. when i first read this i said BS there’s no way, everyone has been giving false information, including MSM. but also i started thinking wait that goes against the first amendment (freedom of press). now i know there’s a lot of theories going around about certain things about this shooting, so i did some research to try to get this settled and clarified. i sent an email to Connecticut sen. Joe Lieberman and was just given a link to the interview of Lt. Paul Vance, which if you’ve seen it is very vague and gives no information about who he’s talking about or what it is they are saying. NO HELP!!! then i tried calling the office of public safety in CT and was told that all the information is on their website…..ok. so i had to go a little deeper to a good person who was able to finally help me clarify what LT Vance was talking about. This person, who asked to stay nameless, said that they are talking about people going around “playing mis-information” on the web (e.g. posing as lanza and making treats of another shooting or attack).they went on to say that “sourced information” may be challenged by prosecutors, MSM im assuming. so to all my “whistle blowers” and conspiracy theorists, make sure you do your research before saying anything, just to stay on the safe side for now i wouldnt want anyone to be talked to by feds for information that could be labeled as “misinformation” and could lead to further police action. But yes always ask questions, its your right and you are protected by the first amendment.

we all have questions and different ideas about what happened friday, but we have to be responsible writers and journalists and make sure we are giving our readers the best and most accurate information possible.

i will be writing another post later on some new information i have found about fridays tragic shooting and of course, mind bending theories from all around the world.

Thank you guys for reading and as always, ask questions

more info on prosecutions-


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