The plot thickens 2

Just another link to a site that’s starting to put things together, it also has a video so enjoy.
If this doesn’t get you thinking nothing will, don’t overlook something that is clearly being hidden from you. How do they brain wash these kids? How do they get away with it? This story is huge maybe one of the biggest stories since the JFK assassination. If you guys find anything else feel free to share.


Something strange

One thing I just remembered about this shooting today, I was reading the story on around 10 or so I remember seeing something about a guy that was dressed like a nun that was the shooter… I clearly see that there was more than one shooter. According to the story msn had on the website many witnesses saw a second gun man. Now the story has changed and said that Adam Lanza acted alone, but also earlier they said it was his brother Ryan Lanza that was the shooter .either msn doesn’t know how to get information or there’s something going on. Apparently they were not the only news outlet that told that story, fox, CNN, and hln have all had the same stories but they have slowly changed. Maybe I’m over thinking it but it sounds very similar to the James Holmes shooting, in that witnesses say that there was a second Gunman but the media changes the story….