Shooting in Houston

*ive been on this all day i decided to do a somewhat timeline of everything that was coming out of local news in Houston, TX about the Lone Star College shooting, if anyone is interested. there was only one thing that had two different stories being told so enjoy*

-khou 3 shot 1 detained 1 on the loose
library 12:45
witbess-2 people shot(abc)
dorthy dixon-lone star
abc-2 people shot 12:57
1:02 swat enters campus
man in red shirt and cap ran into woods
students told to leave dixon said that she
was told to stay1:03
1:04 eyewitness-sharon:5 shots, cafe, 2 men
arguing, campus police said to leave
(radio transmission breaking up)
1:08 lady in chair comes out looks injured
atlanta t-shirt
bentaub-2 shot victims1:10
witness keanen? 5 shots cafeteria, referances
other shoorting(told to hold on another
ambulance came to bentaub-1:16)
1:19 10 swat teams (abc)
guy ran north into wooded area dogs are now on
scene looking for a 2nd suspect 6″2 red cap
red atlanta shirt
police searching near buy sub devivion
shooting said to have taken place between
cafe and library
2 victems at bentaub are in serious condition
multiple gun shots
witnesses say a suspect in cop car
roberto witness sais he hurd 5 gun shots
librian said to stay in the libray
he saw blood on the floor victem hit in the leg
heather witness saw victims one older man and
a younger man
1:29 multiple winesses say there were 2
1:32 atf agents on the ground
police continue the search in neighborhood
khou-witness says a friend came into room 308
and said there was a shooting(woman in pink shirt)
*big news will be how the camous didnt give
students any warning of shooting, word of
1:40 alarm went off at a house in nearby
neighborhood waiting for more news on that
abc-1:42 witness danial flores-heard shots
6-7 said no alarts of shooting
1:44 armoured vehical shows up (swat)
1:45 witnesses say it started over a grade
police searching campus for possible suspect
(1-3 shooters?)
khou 1:52 says that some witnesses said there
are more victims than just 2
witness says one person might be dead and said
that a shooter might still be in the building
1:54 kids still on campus in buildings as well
khou says person in custody is shot
1:57 swat truck arrives looks like mobil
command post
abc 1:58 bentaub says medical is still going
on at school
2:01 khou first harris county office brieef
armando artelo john lutmananother at 4
on going situation, 3 people injured, person of
interest in custody
campus is closed no more information no questions
2:04 abulance bus arrives on campus
abc 2:16 witness says he saw a man on the ground
in handcuffs with gun shot wound to leg, he said
the cops might hav shot him(guy with deadmau5
2:19 abc U of H police on high alartt
2:22 khou helicopter in parking lot
2:23 witness says she was 10 feet away says man
didnt want to fight but then turned around and
started fighting 9 shots fired black lady shot
white man shot and another man shot
2:50 khou said man was seen in handcuffs
search still remains for second gun man
2:56 khou one of the gun men showed at north
medical center with gun shot wound 2 are in
custody or interest man hunt called off
3:20 reports of a person with a heart attack
3:29 khou sources say it was POSSIBLY gang
3:40 abc reports say 2 suspects are detained at
the campus
3:44 abc says second suspect was captured by
swat in a nerby wooded area, 2 different stories
of 2nd suspect being captured are being used-*

*-i wasnt able to catch the police briefing at 4:00 p.m once i hear about it ill post final thoughts on this 


Silence the Masses

so today i got an email from a good friend of mine telling me that police would be prosecuting people who give false information about the recent shooting. when i first read this i said BS there’s no way, everyone has been giving false information, including MSM. but also i started thinking wait that goes against the first amendment (freedom of press). now i know there’s a lot of theories going around about certain things about this shooting, so i did some research to try to get this settled and clarified. i sent an email to Connecticut sen. Joe Lieberman and was just given a link to the interview of Lt. Paul Vance, which if you’ve seen it is very vague and gives no information about who he’s talking about or what it is they are saying. NO HELP!!! then i tried calling the office of public safety in CT and was told that all the information is on their website…..ok. so i had to go a little deeper to a good person who was able to finally help me clarify what LT Vance was talking about. This person, who asked to stay nameless, said that they are talking about people going around “playing mis-information” on the web (e.g. posing as lanza and making treats of another shooting or attack).they went on to say that “sourced information” may be challenged by prosecutors, MSM im assuming. so to all my “whistle blowers” and conspiracy theorists, make sure you do your research before saying anything, just to stay on the safe side for now i wouldnt want anyone to be talked to by feds for information that could be labeled as “misinformation” and could lead to further police action. But yes always ask questions, its your right and you are protected by the first amendment.

we all have questions and different ideas about what happened friday, but we have to be responsible writers and journalists and make sure we are giving our readers the best and most accurate information possible.

i will be writing another post later on some new information i have found about fridays tragic shooting and of course, mind bending theories from all around the world.

Thank you guys for reading and as always, ask questions

more info on prosecutions-


Alright so people, here lately there’s been alot of news about these people killing, and trying to eat their victims. i just want to say first of if you buy into this whole zombie thing you are sadly mistaken, a zombie has to be dead first to be considered a zombie.

Now this is what really gets to me you have the media coming out and saying the man was high on some new designer drug called bath salts. i’ve heard of this drug before, but my understanding on the drug was that it was more of a cocaine high than a psychedelic trip. its also possible this man did something else, but i have no knowledge of any drug having those kinds of effects i.e. taking off your clothes, growling, “super human”  strength. and i also saw a post on facebook yesterday that said it was some new virus called , if im not mistaken, “LQP-79”. when i read up about this i got the impression it was a made up virus. To me all the symptoms of LQP-79 sound like the T-Virus from resident evil, hmm. Seems like someone wanted to make a real virus that did the same thing as the t-virus.

 There are also other reports of people attacking other people and trying to eat them ill post links at the end so you can read up on them. These other stories are in fact very weird but not as intense as the Miami incident. there’s one where the pron star guy killed that Chinese man, cut him up and mailed his parts to different places. I heard somewhere on CNN i believe that he had also tried to eat some of his victim. My conclusion on this one is this guy is just a psycho and totally lost. Even looking at his photos you can say ” this man isnt all there”.

   I’ve also heard of 3 more cases where people have killed and eaten parts of their victims, but these are different in the fact that these people seemed to be completely coherient to what they were doing. i believe two of the men actually admitted to eating parts of people. The other one was of a woman who kidnapped a child and tried to eat the childs arm. Ok people what are these people thinking? whats going on here?

  I’m thinking people are starting to lose it because as we all know the Mayan Long count is starting to come to an end. could the book of Revelations be true? is hell starting to come onto earth? i was thinking maybe theres going to be alot more things happening that are horrible and just plain sick. these events are happening for a reason i’ve also gone as far as saying “the dumb are killing the dumb”. i also will go on record saying we need to look at these events and say do we want to keep living in a world that is made up of psychopathic killers? do we want our children and our childrens children to live in a world like this? we can change all of this.

  of maybe im just thinking to hard about it? You never know but something is telling me that there’s more to this than what we are seeing and hearing. i honestly cant trust the media now a days for all i know they might just be covering up a government program that has been in the works for years. (side note: i remember having a dream once where zombies were everywhere and we were trying to leave some town, the group i was with accidentally discovered a government building near a marshy lake, and we found something i dont know what we found but the government was then after us and we ran to the lake and a huge silver disk started lifting out of the water. ) wouldnt that be something.

  alright guys like always comment if you have anything to say. e-mail me any other stories you may run across. And dont forget ask question!!!!


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